6 Practical Ideas for Mental Health During a Quarantine

6 practical ideas for mental health during a quarantine

Last Updated on November 10, 2021

In order for us all to avoid going completely stir crazy and spending 2 weeks in our pajamas watching Netflix here are 6 very practical ways to help us stay motivated and maintain our mental well being during our quarantine time.

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6 Easy to do Practical Ideas:

  • Get dressed : Get yourself out of bed, shower, and get dressed. Getting out of your pajamas will the set the mood for more activity.
  • Create a routine: This can simply include a few general tasks you’d like to complete throughout the day. Mine includes, movement time, music time, work time, family together time. use times to keep you on task and organized.
  • Create an intention for the day: Maybe you have a hobby you’ve wanted to practice, or have a book you’ve been looking forward to reading. Thinking of a few different intentions for the different days can keep us inspired and looking forward.

Quarantine: The word comes to us from the Italian language. Forty days , Quaranta giorni, in Italian was the period of time a ship suspected of carry plague was kept in isolation to assure that no hidden cases of disease were onboard.

  • Plan out the week: If you’re the planning type this might be easy for you. If you’re like me then the planning is difficult. Moving in a work routine is easy but the work gone it’s helpful to look forward a few days and plan some tasks and goals for yourself.
  • Go outside: Luckily the weather has been lovely and it has been easy to go outside these first days of self-isolation. Respect the 6 feet of personal space but remember to go outside for some time everyday, rain or shine. Fresh air and connection to nature is essential for mental health.
  • Create together and separate times: If you’re isolating with family, friends or roommates make sure to check in and assure that everyone is getting their needs met in terms of time spent together and time spent alone. Everyone has different needs in this respect so good communication is important.

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