Meet the Team

At Inner Gate Health & Wellness, we believe that everyone’s healing process is unique. We all want to feel better and live pain free lives, but each of us achieves this differently. We honor these differences and try to approach each patient in a unique way.

Inner gate health wellness clinicians staff
Erik Isaacman

L.Ac. SMAC (He/His)

Oliver Leonetti

L.Ac. SMAC (He/His)

Casey McGuire


Tanya Zhu

L.Ac. (She/her)

Elizabeth Bourgeois

L.Ac. (She/her)

Brad Hamlin

L.Ac. (He/His)

Emma Ellsworth

L.Ac. (She/her)

Dr. Megumi Moskowitz

D.C. (She/her)

Dr. Heather Krebsbach

N.D. L.Ac. (She/her)

Dr. Kelley Silon

D.C. (She/her)

Emily Flansburgh

LMT. CA. (She/her)

Amanda Fisher

LMT. CA. (She/her)

Kenneth Fuller

LMT. (He/His)

Izzy Harger

LMT. (She/her)

Portland acupuncture clinic front

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