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Hey, I’m Oliver, the co-owner of Inner Gate Health & Wellness. Inner Gate is a top Health & Wellness Clinic in Portland, Oregon. My goal is to bring my knowledge as a medical professional, and owner direct to you through education.

Oliver Leonetti, L.AC. SMAC
What is Eccentric Exercise

What is Eccentric Exercise? Guide & Examples

With eccentric exercise, you can build a brand-new body that looks great and is healthy. It is a unique workout routine using controlled eccentric contractions to help you build muscle and burn fat. This exercise is more effective than traditional weightlifting methods and is perfect for those wanting to get in shape quickly. You can

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5 Best Massage Oils of 2023: Clinician Recommended

A good massage can do many beautiful things for you and your body. It can relieve physical pain and tension, stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation, enhance mood, and even improve posture and mobility. What’s not to love about having a massage? A massage isn’t just firm strokes across your skin; they’re an entire beneficial experience.

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Couple Having a Picnic in the Best Parks in Portland Oregon

5 Best Parks in Portland, OR for Rest & Relaxation

Our lives are increasingly busy and full of activity. Most of it feels necessary, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling overwhelmed and tense. These and other feelings continue to expand in us and become the norm. Soon we don’t even realize the level of stress we’re holding day to day. It’s imperative to your

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Exposure to pollution

How to Heavy Metal Detox Naturally & Safely

Worldwide, arsenic and other heavy metals have a significant impact on human health as they can lead to exposure through ingestion or skin contact with drinking water. Even in areas where levels in drinking water are under permissible limits, these standards cannot adequately assess exposure from consuming drinking water. If you think you have been

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Best Naturopaths in Portland, Oregon

5 Best Naturopaths in Portland, Oregon

Everyone’s medical journey looks different. Many people today are looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical medications and medications that work with the body. Naturopathic medicine uses lab testing and diagnostics like Western medicine but offers different treatments. The treatments include natural remedies, supplements, and even herbal medications. Naturopathy is a natural approach to medicine treating everything

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Best car accident clinic Portland

5 Best Car Accident Injury Clinics in Portland, Oregon

Getting into a car accident can completely change your life. Not only do you feel less safe in a car, but you may also have specific injuries that need the care of a specialist. Car accident injury clinics have experience clinicians with the skills and experience to help! The most common injuries after a car

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Best Sports Medicine in Portland, Oregon

5 Best Sports Medicine Clinic in Portland, OR

Are you looking for a sports medicine provider in Portland, Oregon? Finding the right sports medicine provider can be challenging.  While most sports medicine providers are medical doctors there are some chiropractors and acupuncturists that also specialize in sports medicine. If you live in the Portland, OR, area, there are plenty of excellent providers to

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Find the Best Chiropractors in Portland Oregon

8 Best Chiropractors in Portland, Oregon

When you are in pain, it can be a struggle to find relief. There are many chiropractor Portland providers in the area, but it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. If you are searching for the best chiropractors, here are the clinics you can trust.  Inner Gate Health & Wellness

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10 Best Acupuncturists Worth Visiting in Portland

Acupuncture may seem like a peculiar practice to those who haven’t experienced it before. However, it’s a fantastic and highly effective way to help address a wide range of problematic conditions. That said, it’s completely natural to want to rely on experienced professionals to help ensure the best possible results from your treatment sessions. To

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Woman celebrating after experiencing the best acupuncture Portland

5 Best Acupuncture Clinics in Portland, Oregon

Choosing the right acupuncture clinic in Portland is the first step in creating your healing and wellness plan. The best acupuncturists will empower you to your own wellness. True healing happens when you begin to understand yourself and your condition while taking ownership of it — this is why choosing the right clinic is so

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Megumi Moskowitz DC now at Inner Gate

Megumi Moskowitz DC We are so excited to announce that Megumi Moskowitz has joined Inner Gate! Dr. Megumi has been practicing in Portland since 2003. She spent most of her time working at Back on Burnside and has now moved to our NE Portland location. Dr. Megumi treats patients of all ages using manual and

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