What We Treat

Our number one referral source is our patients sending their friends and family to see us. As a result, we see a variety of conditions and we have had good results treating a wide array of health complaints.

In order to provide the best care we can, we focus our research and study on a few specialized areas which are listed below. We are well versed and work to stay on top of developing research within these specializations. In this way we are able to keep our patients informed and provide excellent care.

We provide quality care to all of our patients and strive to help every patient achieve their health care goals. We also understand our limitations as practitioners and will readily refer patients to other trustworthy, qualified clinicians when necessary.

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Acupuncture, chiropractic and massage are effective modalities for the treatment of pain and painful conditions. At Inner Gate Health & Wellness we treat a great many chronic and acute pain conditions.

Common conditions treated:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Back pain
  • Tendon and joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Knee pain

We treat sports injuries using chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy. 

Five ways we treat sports injuries:

  • Accurately diagnose
  • Use manual muscle testing
  • Use muscle balancing techniques
  • Teach you proper stretching and strengthening techniques
  • Get you back in the game


Acupuncture, chiropractic and massage are effective treatments for the complicated injuries sustained in auto accidents. With accurate diagnosis and assessment our clinicians can steer you to your quick and complete recovery.

Eight Things Inner Gate Health & Wellness Does for You After a Car Accident:

  • Reduce your pain and muscle spasms
  • Speed up your recovery & prevent re-injury
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Re-establish stability and strength in damaged joints and tendons
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Manage your insurance billing
  • Provide a strong referral network
  • Offer Saturday and evening appointments

Learn more about treating auto accidents.

Nearly 70 million Americans suffer with some form of digestive complaint. From constipation and bloating to SIBO and Crohn’s disease, making digestive related symptoms one of the most common internal conditions that we see in practice. The digestive system is an essential component of a healthy and vital body.  Digestion can be disrupted by high stress, poor diet and environmental toxins leading to an imbalance of the microbiome.  Left unresolved, an imbalanced digestive tract can make eating uncomfortable, disrupt sleep and lead to systemic inflammation

At Inner Gate Health & Wellness in Portland, Oregon we diagnose each digestive complaint and then use Chinese herbal medicine, supplements, diet recommendations and acupuncture to treat each patient in a unique way. This allows us to work directly with the underlying causes of the disease to create lasting results.

Naturopathic medicine looks at digestive conditions as having systemic effects, and understands how imbalances in the gut contribute to the overall health of the body. Our Naturopathic doctor takes a detailed history to determine the need for digestive testing and to help guide the path of treatment

We help women feel great and live healthy lives by alleviating imbalances and resolving PMS, menstrual related migraine headaches, excessive menstrual cramping and stress and fatigue.

Our practitioners are trained and experienced in using Chinese herbal medicine, supplements, diet recommendations and acupuncture to successfully support fertility and healthy pregnancies and to manage menopause issues and many menstrual problems.

With Chinese Herbal Medicine, Supplements and Acupuncture You Can Experience:

  • Enhanced fertility
  • Increased energy
  • Promote healthy, pain-free cycles
  • PMS relief
  • Migraine relief

Our Naturopathic doctor understands that every woman’s fertility journey is different. Through a personalized history and specific endocrine testing, we dive into the possible causes of hormonal disruption and put a plan into action to identify the obstacles to fertility. Along with treating women for infertility, we also focus on the male partner to optimize sperm health.

At Inner Gate Health & Wellness in Portland, Oregon we rely on both modern lab results and use a more traditional diagnostic system that comes out of Traditional Chinese Medicine which to identify imbalances and deficiencies in a patient’s body. Using herbs, supplements, acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping we can correct these imbalances and deficiencies and fill the body with vitality. This then supports a stronger immune system that can focus on eradicating diseases quickly and effectively.

Our Naturopath understands careful modulation of the immune system to support a healthy body. The goal is balanced immunity to prevent an overactive or underactive immune system. Conditions like allergies are considered to be an overactive immune response, while a lowered immune system can lead to seasonal viruses. Our Naturopathic doctor discusses ways to build a healthy immune system through optimizing the digestive system, individualized supplement prescriptions and a nutritious diet.

At Inner Gate Health & Wellness in Portland, Oregon we believe that massage and other manual therapies, such as cupping and guasha, are invaluable when treating most injuries and traumas. Not only do we have a great team of massage therapists to provide care, but our acupuncturists and chiropractors also incorporate manual therapies into their treatments. We are all trained to diagnose using specific orthopedic exams and then work to correct any muscular or skeletal imbalances we discover. In this way, we are able to speed healing, quickly reduce pain and get you back to your active lifestyle.
Emotional health and mental health are essential components of every person’s overall health. Proper management of stress, anxiety and depression helps prevent many stress-related illnesses including insomnia, digestive disorders and headaches. At inner Gate Health & Wellness we use acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, and massage therapy to support emotional health and wellbeing. Treatment plans are created to reduce stress and limit the impact that stress, depression and anxiety have on our daily lives.
Allergies can have many causes. Digestive pressures, food sensitivities, dusts, pollens and mold can have severely negative effects on our daily lives. At inner Gate Health & Wellness we have many options for the treatment of allergies. Our acupuncturists use Chinese herbal medications and acupuncture to calm the immune system, reduce systemic inflammation and reduce the pain and swelling associated with allergies. Our naturopath uses food sensitivity testing and functional medicine to design treatments plans to reduce or eliminate the impact of allergies.

At Inner Gate Health & Wellness our practitioners provide adjunct therapy for people undergoing a variety of different cancer therapies. There are some predictable side-effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation such as peripheral neuropathy, nausea and pain. Our treatments are aimed at reducing these side effects and offering palliative relief. Acupuncture and Naturopathic medicine can also have a positive impact on blood cell counts and overall immune function.

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