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We are committed to your healing and education -leveraging a blend of traditional and innovative therapies tailored to meet your individual needs.

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A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

We know that everyone’s healing process is unique to them — that’s why we take a personalized approach with each and every patient to help you live a healthy, pain-free life in a way that works for you.

Our treatments start with a thorough evaluation to gain a better understanding of you and your condition. We focus on your particular concerns to get you feeling better sooner.

Ankeny Clinic
(503) 284-6996

Halsey Clinic
(971) 279-2294

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What Our Patients Say

See how we improve our patient’s quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Brian sicotte
Brian Sicotte
I can't say enough about Dr Heather Krebsbach, ND, LAc at Inner Gate Health and Wellness. I've worked in the Entertainment Industry for 30 years now and over the long span acquired degenerative arthritis in my wrists specifically my right. My job and duties over the past 30 years of intelligent muscle labor has wreaked havoc on my wrists the weakest link on my entire body. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and got a 2nd opinion and both stated "I'm sorry to tell you this...you have degenerative arthritis in your right wrist and most likely in a month or two your left wrist will start hurting as well. I felt like when they both told me this... it was like they were apologizing that I was on my deathbed... I asked them, 'is there any form of therapy that I can treat my condition.' They both said "NO!" There is nothing you can do and I don't recommend surgery because you are too young. I mentioned acupuncture, physical therapy, supplements, cortisone shot, exercise, naturopathic remedies, and all was a big disapproved head turn of "NO". Like I wasn't getting it. I ignored everything they said and called Inner Gate and met with Dr Heather and was blown away on her recommending a specific Collagen to buy and try for 6 weeks and my life has been better ever since. I now have got my brother and sister to go see her and they are convinced as well that Dr. Heather is a true HEALER. (as well as her husband Casey who is my acupuncturist.) At 52 years old I could honestly say that I have a lot of love for these 2 people because I was in so much pain and they HEALED ME:) I can go on and on about them but I'll spare you the epic novel. Thank you Dr Heather and Casey. You are both a hidden treasure to me that I feel so priviledge to let shine now:) Namaste!
Izzy rocks!
Heather smith
Heather Smith
Casey is an amazing healer in a surprising package. He fixed my back when I threw it out and gave me tools to reset my body and get stronger. He is such an awesome person to have on your wellness team. The office personnel are professional and awesome, and they were really helpful at managing the insurance side of things. Thanks!
Christina song
Christina Song
Sitting here with so much relief that I feel compelled to come here to sing Innergate’s praises. I’ve been a patient there for over 5 years and have worked with different providers from Casey to Elizabeth. I’m so chuffed at how better I feel that I am fully taking advantage of the whole team and have scheduled to work with the naturopath on staff. I started going for horrible period symptoms but have been seen for an assortment of issues such as TMJ, migraines/headaches and sleep problems. Casey helped me figure out a three week tension headache that was seriously ruining the quality of my life. Elizabeth was able to help me sleep through the night and jump started my two year cardio streak. She’s also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food as medicine. I’m so thankful for these wonderful practitioners. They take my insurance and I look forward to going in every time. Highly recommend!
Brian danielson
Brian Danielson
My first two visits have been absolutely perfect. Acupuncture really helped my shoulder and arm as it was in very bad form. Can't recommend this place enough.
Nashoni whitlock
Nashoni Whitlock
Renee and Brad have been treating my sciatic and neck pain for a few weeks and I can already feel an improvement in pain levels and ability to work. Not only is the clinic close to my house, but parking is a breeze and the place is always nice and clean. Thanks Inner Gate! -N
Quinn gallagher
Quinn Gallagher
Staff are calm collective yet outgoing and evaluate clients efficiently. Treatments were designed wonderfully and much more intended was resolved.
Zim zimmerman
Zim Zimmerman
Five Stars for acupuncturist Elizabeth Bourgeois. Liz knows more about the workings of the human body than most of the medical doctors I have seen and she has an uncanny ability to ask questions, test a few points, and hone in on the exact cause of whatever happens to be paining my 50-year-old body at the time. The day before my first visit with Liz I'd been roller skating and did an accidental and involuntary split--kind of like James Brown, except I didn't GET UP! Anyway, my primary care provider was not very helpful told me I had a pulled muscle and sent me limping home. Liz, within moments of meeting me, identified exactly which muscle was injured and where. She knew exactly where to put the needles for immediate pain relief, and it's no exaggeration to say that I limped in and walked out. I continue to see Liz regularly to treat some chronic issues and the inevitable new pain of the month. The office staff at IGH&W are all super friendly and I 10/10 would recommend them. Especially Liz for acupuncture.
Leslie bell
Leslie Bell
I originally came to the Halsey clinic to see Dr. Heather Krebsbach who has helped me manage multiple health issues. She is AMAZING and deserves every “Best Doctor” award she receives! The front desk staff are great—always helpful and pleasant. The primary reason I’m leaving this review however is to recognize Renee Fields. I started getting medicinal massages from her about a year ago to help ease my chronic pain from both a lower back injury and almost daily battles with headaches. I’ve had many different massage therapists over the years and I can easily say that Renee is THE BEST! On top of being a great LMT, she is also an amazing person! Very intuitive, compassionate and intelligent. I enjoy our conversations as much as the relief I get from our appointments. She offers massage packages that help make getting treatments more affordable! All in all, my experiences at Inner Gate have been great!
I have never had a more thorough, thoughtful, clear medical appointment in my life. Dr. Krebsbach was present and focused for the entire appointment and sent a detailed after visit summary.
Naturopathic physician

About Us

Welcome to your new healing environment. Inner Gate Health & Wellness focuses our research and study in a few specialized areas which are listed below. We are well-versed and work to stay on top of developing research within these specializations. In this way, we can keep our patients informed and provide excellent care.

We provide quality care to all of our patients and strive to help every patient achieve their health care goals. We also understand our limitations as practitioners and will readily refer patients to other trustworthy, qualified clinicians when necessary.

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Our Services

We provide whole-body wellness through treatment and medicine, taking into account the mind, body, and spirit of every patient.

Inner Gate provides progressive and comprehensive modalities to get your body back to performing its best. We focus our research and study on a few specialized areas which are listed below. We are well-versed and work to stay on top of developing research within these specializations. In this way, we can keep our patients informed and provide excellent care.

Chiropractic adjustment after an auto accident

Meet the Team

Get to know your new healers — our team is composed of passionate experts who provide you with a diversity of knowledge, experience, and compassion.

Dr. Heather kresbach, n. D
Dr. Heather Krebsbach

N.D. L.Ac. (She/Her)

Megumi moskowitz, d. C.
Dr. Megumi Moskowitz

D.C. (She/Her)

Casey mcguire l. Ac.
Casey McGuire

L.Ac. SMAC (He/His)

Sam smargiassi portland massage therapist
Sam Smargiassi

LMT (She/Her)

Clinic FAQs

We provide quality care to all of our patients and strive to help every patient achieve their health care goals. Here are answers to some common patient questions.

Our clinicians specialize in sports medicine, auto accident care, injuries, women’s health, and digestive health. We have successfully treated many complicated complaints. Our strength lies in our many years of practice and our collaborative environment.

You can see us without a referral. Car accident insurance does not require a referral. Private medical insurance does not require a referral. Worker’s compensation insurance does sometimes require a referral. We can work with you to get these referrals. 

Yes. We accept all motor vehicle accident insurance. All drivers with Oregon insurance are covered by personal injury protection (PIP). This money is there to help you recover from accident related pain. We handle all insurance billing so you can focus on your recovery. You do not need a referral from your doctor. Come in and see us today. 

Yes. Most of our clinicians are on many worker’s compensation insurance panels including SAIF. We will work directly with your doctor to establish the best treatment to help you recover. There are many Portland area doctors that regularly refer to Inner Gate Health & Wellness. 

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