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Portland Sports Medicine Acupuncture®

Oliver Leonetti L.Ac. and Erik Isaacman L.Ac. have both completed the year-long certification program and passed all of the exams to earn their certificates in Sports Medicine Acupuncture. Casey McGuire L.Ac. and Terry Atchley L.Ac. are both now in the process of completing the certification.


  • Evaluation of injuries and orthopedic disorders to find the cause of pain and dysfunction. Based on these findings, treatment plans are then devised, which include acupuncture, myofascial release (a type of clinical deep tissue massage), and corrective exercises.
  • Postural assessment to understand the global imbalances that can lead to, and/or prevent proper healing of, orthopedic disorders and sports injuries.
  • Anatomy in great detail, including cadaver dissections. This allows for a comprehensive three-dimensional understanding of anatomy relevant to needle techniques, manual therapy techniques, and assessment of injuries.
  • Relating the acupuncture channels discussed in Traditional Chinese Medicine to anatomical structures, especially continuous myofascial planes (myo-muscle, fascia-connective tissue).

Meet Our Portland Sports Medicine Team

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Injuries We Treat at Our Portland Sports Medicine Clinic

At Inner Gate Health & Wellness, we aim to provide the best possible care in the following areas:

  • Head & neck
  • Shoulder
  • Hand & wrist
  • Sacroiliac joint & hip
  • Spine & back
  • Elbow
  • Knee & leg
  • Foot & ankle


Our Qualifications

Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification is taught in four modules:

1) the spine;
2) head, neck and upper extremities;
3) low back and hip; and
4) lower extremities.

Each module focuses on sports injuries, repetitive use injuries and orthopedic disorders in these regions. The program provides the most advanced training available in the assessment and treatment of these injuries.
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Portland Sports Medicine Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is frequently utilized in sports medicine. In fact, most professional sports teams have an on-staff chiropractor for games and practices. Chiropractic care is helpful for all types of athletes such as the weekend warriors, collegiate athletes, cross-fit and for a variety of activities such as endurance races, contact and non-contact sports.

Our Approach

Many athletic activities result in repetitive overuse of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Everyday wear-and-tear to these soft tissues can lead to reduced integrity, resulting in injury. A proactive approach to health to prevent injuries is best to ensure that an athlete continues to perform at their highest level. Whether an injury is a result of a direct trauma, repetitive movements or poor mechanics, chiropractic care can help.

Treatment Types

There are many treatments a chiropractor may use to help an athlete recover from an injury or for preventative care, such as:

  • Chiropractic manipulation of the spinal and extremity joints to help optimize proper mechanics for key movements during activities.
  • Soft tissue techniques such as Gua-Sha, cupping and percussion-based tools to help reduce muscle tension, reduce scar tissue and improve range of motion.
  • Targeted strengthening exercises to restore proper muscle control and prevent future injuries.

Meet Our Portland Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Dr. Jerrod Puckett obtained a Masters of Science in Sports Medicine in addition to his Doctorate in Chiropractic, which required hundreds of additional hours treating athletes, on and off the field. If you have an athletic related injury or are interested in preventative care, make an appointment today or reach out to our office with any questions you may have.
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Why Choose Us as Your Portland Sports Medicine Provider?

At Inner Gate Health & Wellness:

  • We’ll devise a treatment plan to help preserve your health, joints, and active lifestyle.
  • We’ll prioritize your needs and offer you the latest innovations in non-surgical healing.
  • We strive to develop a strong relationship with each of our patients.
  • We provide a supportive environment designed to help you recover faster.


Other Services at Our Portland Sports Medicine Clinics 

Besides sports medicine acupuncture services at our Portland locations, we offer: