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Can Acupuncture Heal Damaged Ligaments?

Damaged ligaments

Ligaments are strong connective tissue bands that connect bones to bones. They are similar to tendons which connect muscles to bones. Ligaments are found between most bones of the body and function to limit movement between bones. Ligament damage often occurs during injuries. Once damaged, they cause destabilization of joints and are often slow to …

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Paving the way for a healthy cold and flu season in the midst of a pandemic

Paving the way for a healthy cold and flu season in the midst of a pandemic

This cold and flu season may seem even more unpredictable as we enter the fall and winter on the coattails of a global pandemic, thankfully many of the things we are already doing will help to prevent the viruses responsible for the common cold and flu.  I doubt anyone will disagree that fastidious hand washing, …

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Chiropractic, Pain and Strength Training:

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Strength Training for Reducing Pain For many people with pain, chiropractic care, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and pain relievers are all possible ways to help them live better lives. However, when researching the scientific literature, weightlifting or resistance training has started gaining traction with more clinical evidence supporting its use to treat pain. Strength training is …

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Acupuncture for High Hamstring Strain

Acupuncture for high hamstring strain

High hamstring strains occur in the upper thigh near the buttock. It is technically know as proximal hamstring tendinopathy. High hamstring strains are a common injury for middle to long distance runners and those participating in running and kicking sports. Symptoms of a high hamstring strain High hamstring strain usually develop gradually overtime. The can …

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Acupuncture for Athletes


Acupuncture has become a part of post-workout recovery and skills and strength optimization of both amateur and professional athletes. We have know for many years that acupuncture provides pain relief, reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles. Now research is showing that acupuncture can improve performance and strength too. By improving proprioception, rebalancing muscle groups and providing …

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5 Tips for an At-Home Ergonomic Workstation for Your Neck and Back

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Due to COVID-19, more of us are increasingly finding ourselves working from home. Although waking up, having breakfast in bed, and then opening the laptop for work sounds enticing, it isn’t the greatest positioning for your spine. Here are a few tips that should help make working from home less of a pain in the …

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Affordable Ways for Seniors to Start Self-Care Habits That Last All Year Long

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Lots of people start the new year with resolutions for better health and wellness, but a good number of them fail to stick with their goals. Seniors often face an even tougher challenge making these changes, especially if you’re on a fixed income. There isn’t a magic solution that makes wellness goals a breeze, but …

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What Are Shin Splints?

What are shin splints?

<img src=”” alt=”Muscle Injury – Athlete Running Clutching Calf Muscle After Spraining It While Out Jogging On The Be” /> Shin splints are a painful stress syndrome that develops along the region where muscles attach to the tibia or shin bone. Shin splints are characterized as painful aching or burning pain along either edge of …

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May Moon

May moon

In ancient times the moon was an important way people kept track of seasonal changes and important events. People associated the moon with the natural phenomena that occurred throughout the year.  In our time the solar calendar has become far more important and the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar is typically used only for certain …

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Optimize Your Thyroid Function

Optimize your thyroid function

Dr. Heather Krebsbach is a naturopathic physician seeing patients at Inner Gate Acupuncture’s Halsey street location. She has been practicing naturopathic medicine in Portland Since 2006. She specializes in bio identical hormones and endocrine health. In this post she offers her insights on understanding and optimizing thyroid health. The thyroid is a little butterfly-shaped gland …

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Five Ways to Reduce Your Allergies

Acupuncture reduces allergies by calming and regulating the immune system and opening the respiratory tract.  Precisely placed needles dilate and expand the lungs allowing you to breath more fully and open up sinuses to resolve congestion and itching.  Acupuncture also calms the immune system making you less reactive to allergens in the air. Chinese Herbal …

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5 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress

For many of us the holidays are a difficult time. Family expectations, uncomfortable political conversations, endless meal preparation, and mandated shopping all contribute to the overwhelming chaos. In the midst of the holiday fury, it’s important that we all find windows of time devoted to relaxation and “me time.”  Finding just 15 minutes a day …

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Herbal Remedies for Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain, bloating gas and heartburn are conditions that affect many of us.  In fact, according to a Merck corporation survey, 7% of us suffer from abdominal pain on a daily basis!  Abdominal pain is caused by many complicated issues that require careful diagnosis and treatment for lasting relief.  Many of us aren’t satisfied with …

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Cilantro Pesto For Detoxification

Cilantro Pesto Recipe Heavy Metal Detox It is important to use organic ingredients and to wash them well. This will avoid contamination with pesticides and herbicides. Ingredients: 3 cloves garlic1/3 cup Brazil nuts or macadamia nuts1/3 cup sunflower seeds1/3 cup pumpkin seeds1 cup fresh cilantro leaves1 cup parsley2/3 cup cold pressed olive oil4 tablespoons lemon …

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5 Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

As we have heard in recent years.  Vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic.  Many of don’t receive the daily allowances that provide from strong bones, healthy immune systems, and vital hearts.  It is important to spend sufficient unprotected time in the sun or supplement effectively. Here are 5 symptoms that may indicate you need more …

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient technique that promotes your body’s natural healing process through the placement of thin, sterile needles into precise acupuncture points. A patient’s signs and symptoms determine which points to use. Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment. Clinical research continues to prove it’s validity and fuel it’s growth and acceptance. Acupuncture has …

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Moxibustion: What It Is & How It Works

What is moxibustion

Considering whether to get a moxibustion treatment? Inner Gate Health & Wellness explains why it is an effective treatment option. Why Acupuncturists Use Mugwort (Artemisia) for Moxibustion Mugwort, or Artemesia Vulgaris, has been used throughout history for medicinal purposes. Heated mugwort produces an acrid spicy odor that also helps stimulate blood flow. The herb burns …

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Acupuncture is an effective modality for the treatment of pain and painful conditions. Here at Inner Gate Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon, we have seen acupuncture effectively treat a great many chronic and acute pain conditions. Five ways that acupuncture treats pain:       • Breaks up scar tissue      • Promotes blood circulation    …

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Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are effective ways to control and eliminate seasonal allergies. Using the techniques of Chinese medicine to improve immune function and reduce inflammation our acupuncturists can help you manage your allergies naturally.   Acupuncture works by treating and strengthening the lung organ system. When the lung is functioning more optimally the immune system’s …

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How To Get More From Your Stretching

The basic building block of muscle tissue is the sarcomere.  The sarcomere provides contractile strength and determines the length of the muscle.  Sarcomere are continually adjusting and modifying the nature of our muscles based on the actions, or non-actions, we do throughout the day. The hamstrings are the large powerful muscles on the backs of …

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