What happens to your body during a car accident?

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Last Updated on March 22, 2024

The impact of a car accident leads to extreme force, also known as kinetic energy, being absorbed by your body. Although cars are equipped with safety features to help address this, our bodies are not made to handle the impact of these forces.

Auto Accidents cause whiplash injuries:
Whiplash occurs when the back and front of your neck are overstretched from a high speed impact, leading to muscle, tendon and ligament damage and inflammation. 

Although you may not feel much pain initially after a car accident, once the adrenaline wears off, pain and other symptoms may develop over the following days to weeks.

Other common injuries from a motor vehicle accident:
Knee pain from hitting the dash, back, shoulder or arm pain from bracing for the impact or concussion from head trauma or even just the violent shaking of the head. Concussion symptoms include dizziness, headache, confusion and nausea.

Receiving proper care is important after an auto accident:
Make sure to be seen by a professional for a proper evaluation after an auto accident. When injuries are unaddressed, they can lead to chronic pain or disability. Our chiropractor is well trained to diagnose, treat and manage the injuries, inflammation and pain associated with car accidents.

Call our Northeast Portland clinic at 971-279-2294 to schedule with our skilled chiropractor for a thorough evaluation and patient-centered treatment for your pain and injuries.

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