Auto Accident Chiropractor: Why you Need One


Last Updated on November 9, 2021

The days after a car accident can be almost as stressful as the crash itself. You have to worry about your damaged car, insurance, and not to mention the aches and pains that creep in. Even accidents with no serious injuries can do major damage to the joints in our bodies. Stiffness and pain to the neck, spinal misalignments, and whiplash are some of the most common injuries. After an accident, it is an excellent idea to see a chiropractor who can alleviate many of these symptoms before they get worse. This guide will show you the benefits of going to a chiropractor after your incident so you can get back to a pain-free life!

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How Can a Chiropractor Help After an Accident? 

Chiropractors are health care professionals that specialize in performing adjustments to the body’s spine and joints. Their goal is to align vertebrae and joints into their best positions by performing “manipulations,” the pushing, pulling, and popping that you may have seen in videos. Chiropractors help those who have been in car accidents by relieving pain and stiffness while enabling the body to heal itself more fully.

Wondering how much a chiropractic visit will be? In Oregon, your insurance will pay $15,000 of benefits, meaning no out-of-pocket expense to you.  We coordinate directly with your provider. Receive the best chiropractic treatment in Portland. Call 971-279-2294 to get started. 

Diagnose Your Injuries 

Chiropractors can diagnose your injuries with a thorough examination process. They can often feel subtle stiffness or irregularities in your bones and tissue that you may not have noticed. Through touch and palpitation, they can provide a better analysis of your injuries and offer a solid treatment plan.

Many come into chiropractor offices days or even weeks after an accident as the pain can take a while to manifest. Our bodies will naturally compensate for areas that are weakened during trauma, delaying painful sensations. But, no matter when you feel your injuries, a chiropractor will be able to diagnose and treat them.

Treat Common Injuries 

Car accidents leave people shaken and pumped full of adrenaline. As mentioned earlier, most don’t feel the pain of injuries until hours or even days later. Chiropractors can help assess the damage to your body, examine function and range of motion, and provide referrals for x-rays or any other work needed. You should consider seeking a chiropractor if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms after an accident:

● Neck / Shoulder pain and stiffness

● Headaches

● Dizziness

● Difficulty focusing

● Lower back pain

● Sleeplessness

● Irritability

● Throbbing in the shoulders

One of the most common car accident injuries is the often excruciating whiplash. Whiplash happens when your body is violently thrown in one direction and then tossed in the opposite direction just as quickly. The occurrence is a prime example of what the body should not endure. Chiropractors can treat whiplash injuries that manifest themselves with stiffness, headaches, upper and lower back pain, and contusions. These injuries often extend beyond the painful areas and can cause further problems if left unchecked. 

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Provide Holistic, Medication-Free Healing 

Chiropractors use a holistic approach to medicine to improve your body’s biomechanics. Using techniques that will not cause your body any further stress, such as surgery or drugs, can be the best course of action. Of course,  pain medication has an important place in treating victims of crashes, but it is over-prescribed and does not get to the root of the problem.

Chiropractors understand that the best way to cure pain is to locate its underlying source and then provide treatment. Aligning your body’s critical systems and alleviating knots and swelling are essential to get you back in working order. Treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, and physical adjustments can help heal bodies quickly and more gently than other invasive types of medicine.

Other Benefits from Seeing a Chiropractor 

After a car accident, seeking medical attention is crucial if you feel that something is off. Chiropractors can offer a range of benefits such as:

1) Reducing Inflammation – After an accident, micro-tears in ligaments and muscles are extremely common and may not be visible by ultrasound. Physical adjustments ensure that the spine and your body’s critical infrastructure are aligned and ready to provide natural anti-inflammation processes.

2) Restoring Range of Motion – Stiffness, and soreness following an accident can be crippling. Restricted mobility from back and neck injuries is serious and should be treated before anything is tweaked further. If you experience pain when moving in certain ways, a chiropractor can diagnose and adjust the area and recommend exercises to heal faster.

3) Reducing Scar Tissue – Our muscles are often scarred after accidents, causing connective tissue deposits that can decrease movement. Chiropractors can break down these tissues before any permanent damage is done to muscles.

4) Decreasing The Need For Painkillers – Painkiller drugs can make us feel better in the short term but have numerous side effects. Many people also have problems getting off of them. Painkiller addiction is a huge problem in the US, so many like to have the option of medication-free treatment.

5) Relieving Pain – Spinal adjustments can relieve pain throughout the entire body. It stimulates pain-relieving hormones and promotes natural healing by aligning the body and spinal cord, which contains 31 spinal nerves.

6) Long-term Healing – Chiropractors prevent seemingly minor injuries and stiffness from becoming a worse long-term problem. By seeking chiropractic relief, you may save yourself from costly and even debilitating problems down the road.

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Want a stress-free experience healing after your accident? Inner gate Acupuncture provides the best chiropractic services in Portland that will have you on your way to a full recovery sooner rather than later. Contact us today to get started.

If you have recently been in an auto accident, consider seeking help from an experienced chiropractor to diagnose your injuries. When combined with other holistic approaches to healing such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy, seeing a chiropractor will have you feeling your best in no time!

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