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Back and Neck Pain from an Auto Injury:

“I had never done acupuncture before, so I was a little scared when my chiropractor recommended that I have it done. But, after meeting with Erik, my fears quickly went away. He explained everything to me and went at a pace I was comfortable with. Oliver and Erik really are two of the nicest people around, and I really feel like they care about my health. Not only that, but Ive also seen results. With his treatments I have seen my back and neck heal from my car accident. So if it’s your first time and you’re a little scared, don’t be!”


Upper Back Pain and Stress

“Inner Gate Acupuncture is great. Very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. The care I’ve received for the stress I hold in my upper back has been fantastic. In addition to the technical work, I’ve appreciated their interest and willingness, from a professional perspective, to listen to and understand better what, in my opinion, is causing my stress. This effort is consistent with his approach of treating me as an individual and as a whole person, rather than just a person with an injured body. I’d recommend Inner Gate to anyone who is serious about their healing.”


Frozen Shoulder

“I walked into their clinic with severe shoulder pain including a frozen shoulder. After working with Inner Gate Acupuncture for one month the mobility returned and the pain subsided. They are compassionate and very sensitive to my needs. Different than other acupuncturists that I have seen is the fact that they got in to the sore areas with massage and really worked out the scar tissue and the pain. I have already referred friends and family and I am confident in referring all of you.”