Dr. Michael VanSooy, DC

Dr mike vansooy

Dr. Michaels’ adventures in science and medicine began at the University of Portland. While working on his premed degree he did research in botany and was awarded the prestigious Murdock Grant Scholarship which, allowed him to conduct research on migratory shore birds in Kodiak Island, Alaska. 

Driven by an unwavering desire to help people and build meaning in his daily life, he chose to embark on a career in Chiropractic Medicine and graduated from the University of Western States.

Dr. Michael seamlessly combines his passion to help people with his scientific background to provide the best chiropractic services. He appreciates varying viewpoints and strives to connect with patients on a deeper level, delivering compassionate and individualized care.

During his leisure time, Dr. Michael finds satisfaction engaging in a variety of hobbies and spending quality time with his identical twin brother, as they share a strong bond. Woodworking and golf are some of his passions, allowing him to explore his creativity and challenge himself. Recently, he has taken up sewing!