Emma Ellsworth, L.Ac.

Emma ellsworth, l. Ac.
Emma Ellsworth, L.AC.

Emma Ellsworth grew up on the east coast outside of Washington DC. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and has completed extracurricular coursework in U.S. food systems as well as nutrition for disease prevention. While pregnant with her daughter, she received her first acupuncture treatment and realized this is the career in human connection she had been looking for. She moved across the country from Maine to Oregon to study at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and earned her Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (MAOM) in 2019.

After graduating from OCOM, Emma worked with the Acupuncture Relief Project in rural Nepal and she now serves on the Board of Directors.

Emma has a solid foundation in orthopedic assessment and an understanding of anatomical structures.  She loves treating sports injuries and she excels at treating all types of musculoskeletal pain from acute to chronic. Her treatments are goal-focused on returning patients to their prior activity level as well as postural and muscle rebalancing to prevent re-injury.

She has a special interest in treating emotional disorders, stress management, digestive disorders, and seasonal allergies. Emma sees each patient as unique and therefore disease progression as a unique process. She enjoys investigating each patients puzzle and figuring out how to put the pieces back together.

Core to Emmas treatments are a focus on patient/practitioner collaboration, patient education and development of a complete package of care.  Patients walk away from a treatment with an understanding of expectations and treatment plan. She brings her experiences of living in all corners of the country to the treatment room as an openness, strong listening skills, and a desire to understand the individual human experience.  

Outside of the clinic, Emma is a skilled cook and loves to feed family and friends. She relishes days at the beach, scuba diving, traveling the world, becoming a better gardener as well as running and dancing as much as possible.