Dr. Heather Krebsbach, N.D. & L.Ac.

Dr. Heather kresbach, n. D
Dr. Heather Kresbach, N.D, L. Ac

Dr. Krebsbach is a functional medicine naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist practicing in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in fertility, bio-identical hormones, thyroid care, digestive health, autoimmune conditions, and cancer care. She is NOT a primary care physician.

A love for medicine and cultivation of Eastern healing systems

Dr. Krebsbach’s love for medicine and Eastern healing systems developed during a six-month undergraduate sabbatical in India. These studies sparked a desire to search for the root causes of illness and implement treatments focusing on the whole person. She began learning how our health relates to the environment around us. She returned inspired to deepen her understanding of natural medicine.

Nationally board certified specializing in the endocrine system and woman’s health

After college, Dr. Krebsbach moved to the Pacific Northwest to attend the National University of Natural Medicine. Throughout the six-year Naturopathic and Chinese medicine program, she mentored doctors specializing in cancer care, women’s health, HIV, and endocrinology. Once Dr. Krebsbach graduated and became nationally board-certified, she completed a two-year residency program specializing in adjunct cancer care.

As a Naturopathic doctor, she has almost twenty years of clinical experience treating people of all ages and has developed a family-based practice. She cherishes treating your whole family, their friends, and the community.

An educator, investigator, and perpetual student

Dr. Heather Krebsbach prides herself on being an educator, investigator, and perpetual student.  She inspires her patients to heal themselves with the foundations of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. She encourages her patients to feel empowered by their health choices and strives to help her patients eliminate the obstacles to wellness.