What is IT Band Friction Syndrome?

Last Updated on April 4, 2024

It band friction syndrome

The iliotibial band, (IT band), is a thick band of sinew that originates in the hip and buttock and attaches at the outside of the knee. The strong tissue of the IT band helps stabilize the knee laterally.
IT band friction syndrome is a common injury of the IT band. Pain is generally felt on the outside edge of the knee but may also be in the hip or lower thigh. Pain is often worse when rising from a seated position or while going down stairs.

In the region of the outside of the knee the fibrous bands of IT band tissue are rubbing over the outside edge of the femur. Because the band acts as a stabilizer during running it can be easily irritated by overuse, as it flicks over the femur repeatedly. Normally this movement is not problematic. However, when there are structural or biomechanical imbalances the repetitive motion can cause pain and inflammation. 
Runners who run on the sides of roads are more prone to developing IT band friction syndrome as the crowned nature of most roads will create a hip imbalance and overstress the IT band.
The main biomechanical issues associated with IT band problems include foot over pronation or collapsed arches, hip height discrepancies, and tight gluteal or quadriceps muscles.
At Inner gate Acupuncture your practitioner will accurately diagnose IT band using a series of orthopedic exams.  They will further be able to assess whether secondary issues may be contributing to the development of the problem.
Acupuncture treatments will address both the inflamed tissue at the knee joint as well as any secondary issue to allow you to continue exercising with out reoccurrence. 

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