Sports Injuries

Last Updated on October 29, 2021

Photo courtesy of pexels

Photo Courtesy of Pexels

After an injury is sustained a number of physiological changes occur. There is localized swelling and tissue damage. The body begins the healing process by infiltrating the injured tissue with cells that specialize in preventing infections and clearing away the damaged tissue. Then the body begins to bring in cells, which rebuild the damaged tissues.

Five things Inner Gate Acupuncture can do for you:

     • Accurately diagnose
     • Use manual muscle testing
     • Use muscle balancing techniques
     • Teach you proper stretching and strengthening techniques
     • Get you back in your game

During the initial phase of injury acupuncture treatments can help manage the inflammation, reduce the local pain and promote circulation. This type of early treatment reduces the time required for full recovery. It also helps control the pain. When athletes are required to perform soon after an injury, although we don’t generally encourage this, there are several techniques we use to quickly reduce swelling and return athletes to their sports. 

Re-injury is a major complication of sports injuries. Acupuncture directly addresses all of the involved muscle groups and also the antagonist muscle groups to aid in complete recovery. Acupuncture is also used to address the dorsal nerve roots, which innervate the affected tissue. These techniques when used correctly restore normal proprioception and muscle spindle fiber function. 

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