How To Get More From Your Stretching

Last Updated on October 29, 2021

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The basic building block of muscle tissue is the sarcomere.  The sarcomere provides contractile strength and determines the length of the muscle.  Sarcomere are continually adjusting and modifying the nature of our muscles based on the actions, or non-actions, we do throughout the day.

The hamstrings are the large powerful muscles on the backs of our thighs.  They are important for the health of the low back, hips and pelvis.  They can also be difficult and painful to stretch.

Many of us spend hours seated in a chair while working.  This body position allows the sarcomere to re-establish the normal length of the hamstring as shortened.

Stretching the hamstring for 5 minutes in the evening will not unwind the 8 hours the hamstring spent shortened during the work day. 

In order to lengthen the hamstrings we need to spend more time throughout the day with the hamstring in a lengthened position.  This can be done by using a standing desk and by frequently standing or walking during the work day.

Regularly lengthening the hamstrings throughout the day influences the sacromeres, creates a new “normal,” and allows us to gain more flexibility when we spend 5 min stretching in the evenings.

Explore which muscle groups you’d like to lengthen and think of ways to incorporate lengthened positions into your daily life to achieve the results you want.  We’d be happy to help you lengthen those muscles and achieve the flexibility that will make you more comfortable throughout you day.

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