How To Select The Best Chiropractor for your Condition

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Last Updated on November 10, 2021

Chiropractors are all focused on healing people but often have slightly different ideas and philosophies for the best way to get your body feeling 100%. Choosing a chiropractor can come down to their techniques, specialties, and your rapport with them. You should do your research when it comes to selecting an experienced chiropractor who is knowledgeable in your specific conditions. Chiropractors can treat everything from car accident victims to those with scoliosis conditions. Read on to find more about what you should look for when it comes to finding the right professional for you.

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Interviewing Chiropractors

The best way to choose a chiropractic practice is by talking with them. A quick conversation or consultation is the perfect way to get a feel for a professional and how they approach the practice. A chiropractor should happily sit with you for a consultation on your problems.

Ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed in their clinic is a good start. Your chiropractor should be friendly and answer your questions freely. Consider asking yourself the below questions during your interviewing process:

1) Do they listen closely to your descriptions of pain?

2) Do they answer all your questions?

3) How long has their practice been open?

4) Do you feel comfortable with them?

5) Are they warm and welcoming?

Feel free to ask them about their specialty or if their education was focused on any techniques in particular. Some chiropractors may have specialties or degrees more suited to your condition. If a chiropractor has a background in sports medicine and physical therapy, that may be better for athletes.

Having quick conversations with a few chiropractors can help narrow your search and let you feel better about receiving care with them in the long term.

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Doing Your Research 

It is important to do your due diligence when selecting a chiropractor. Choosing only professionals who are licensed and reputable without disciplinary actions against them is well advised. You can check this information by accessing your state’s chiropractic regulation and licensing board. Prospective patients can also see if their chiropractic college was licensed by the chiropractic council on education.

After you interview and do some background research on a few practices, don’t feel like you need to choose right away. Sometimes, interviewing several practices is the best way to ensure you are getting the best quality care. Pay attention to how each would treat your unique condition and be aware of any who are trying to push you into any treatment programs. Keep in mind that all this information should be relatively easy to find or ask for from practices. If there are any questions that they won’t answer, that is your signal to move on with your search.

Questions About Technique 

Asking questions about techniques will be important to assess how they will handle your specific condition. Consider asking the following questions during the interview or consultation.

  • What techniques do they use for people with your condition and why?
  • Are they experienced with your particular condition?
  • Do they use their hands or equipment to make adjustments?
  • What are their beliefs about long-term healing and medicine?
  • How much force do they apply in adjustments?

These questions have no right answers but will give you a better understanding and feel for how they will help you heal. Compare their solutions and knowledge with your other prospects.

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X-Rays and Other Testing

Depending on your condition, you may need to have additional testing done with equipment such as an x-ray or ultrasound. Your chiropractor may order a spinal x-ray as a part of their evaluation process. However, this may not be necessary for minor conditions or adjustments. If your condition is scoliosis, kyphosis, or other spinal complication, an x-ray will be a likely step to monitor your condition. An x-ray will also be necessary for those who experienced any fractures or damage to the spine in their lifetime.

Your chiropractor should not recommend an x-ray for identifying problems with soft tissues, identifying problems before examining you more carefully, or facilitate an x-ray with no real purpose. X-rays should be used as rarely as possible as they expose patients to radiation.

Red Flags to Look For 

Chiropractors may differ in opinion on smaller issues, but most can agree that the following are red flags that you need to be aware of when evaluating a practice:

  • They claim to be the only ones with a new or groundbreaking technique.
  • They claim to cure ailments that are outside of their profession, such as infection, degeneration, or heartburn.
  • Their treatment plan has no progress checkpoints, goals, or ongoing assessment.
  • They treat every patient the same regardless of condition.

Costs and Insurance 

The costs and insurance considerations are a large part of any medical care. Ensure that you know if they are in your insurance provider network and all consultation costs are transparent. Make sure to ask about their costs for adjustments and examinations and compare with others in your area for the best prices. If any services are denied by your insurance provider, ask if they have cash discounted programs to help.

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Now that you are armed with the information on how to choose the best chiropractor for your condition, you can make the best choice for your body. Take your time and choose a chiropractor with a view of healing and medicine that you like. Going to see your chiropractor should be a pleasant experience that leaves you feeling happier and healthier.

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  1. My back pain has gotten worse lately, and I assume the cause is the desk job I’m doing that requires me to sit down for 8 hours a day. I’m grateful you advised us to ask the chiropractor about the techniques they’ll be using for our type of condition and their beliefs about long-term healing to help assess their services. I’ll be sure to do so once I find a chiropractic care clinic to visit this weekend for my back pain.

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