6 Heathy Habits to do During a Pandemic

6 heathy habits to do during a pandemic

Last Updated on November 9, 2021

Looking for ideas about how to fill your days while stuck at home? These are all simple ideas and ways to keep you moving and active during the day. Whenever you find your self sinking too deeply into your screen time and needing a change grab one of these ideas and get going again.

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Taking walks is a great way to move your blood, see the neighborhood and get some fresh air in your lungs. These should be done rain or shine. Shoot for walking at least 2 miles a day. Learn more about your neighborhoods by seeing which people have gardens and who’s doing a construction project.

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Laugher is something that fuels the heart and makes us feel better. Look for things that you find funny in the world. Comedy shows, stand up comedy routines, that funny friend you enjoy are all ways to surround yourself with more laughter. In fact, my first yoga class in India was a “laughing yoga” class on a roof top with five old men. I had no idea what I had walked into! I was ready to stretch and these old guys were ready to laugh. After 2 minutes of forced laughter the situation became hilarious to me and I spend the the next 5 in hysterics! Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it.

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While we all seem to be getting plenty of alone time it important to reach out to friends and family perhaps even co-workers that you typically wouldn’t call. These lifelines of communication are an important part of how our psyche functions. We receive a lot of positive feedback from those we live around. Make sure to expand your regular call list if you find yourself spending too much time with the same few people. You can even meet your neighbors, from six feet away. They are probably stuck at home too.

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The trick of cooking right now is making sure you have the right ingredients and having everything else you need. It’s the perfect time to try more complicated recipes or recipes that take more time. When all of us Portlanders were stuck inside a few years ago, by the snow, I was able to use my grandmother’s noodle press and make piles of pasta that we shared with the neighbors. It was fabulous, took all day and is a great memory. Try to get ingredient lists ready for a few fun meals so you can go to the store just once and not have to go back.

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This is the season when cold weather crops can de sow directly outside. Peas, kales, collards, and Swiss chard can all be sow into prepared beds for an early garden. You can prepare beds for warmer and more popular crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. I enjoy spending time watching all the spring flowers open up in the spots of warm sun. Watching plants grow and come back to life is really restorative and revives hope!

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Sitting in the sun:
While the sunlight is fleeting this time of year, it is breaking through the clouds for brief periods. Be prepared to capitalize on these moments. For one thing natural vitamin D which, is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight, is great for our immune systems. Sunlight is also associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression. Make the most of the sunny moments when you can!

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