Late Summer & The Earth Element in Chinese Medicine

Iga. Chiroprachtic

Last Updated on October 29, 2021

Late summer is associated with the earth element

In traditional Chinese medicine each season is represented by a different element.  The Chinese divide summer into two distinct phases.  Early summer is associated with the fire element and late summer with the earth element.
The earth element is associated with the digestive system, the flavor sweet and the color yellow.  By late summer many of the flowers of early summer have turned into ripe fruits and many of the green fields of July are now golden yellow.  It is a time when we gather together outside for feasts and solidify our friendships over good food.  

By eating well and in balance with the seasons the strength of our digestive tracts is fortified and our muscles and the integrity of our bodies are supported.  With this firm foundation underneath us we are better able to handle the daily challenges of life that we all face.  We are also in good condition heading into the colder seasons ahead. 

Strength, stability and rootedness are the hallmarks of healthy digestion.  Late fall is a great time to put more thought into how we enjoy the plentiful harvest that is coming ripe.  How do you relate to food differently in the summer? Does your food make you feel healthy? Answering these questions can help get you on the road to having a healthy earth element. 

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