Acupressure Points for Insomnia

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Last Updated on April 4, 2024

Today, we want to go over some simple acupressure protocol you can use before bed to help you with sleep. Plan on spend 10-15 minutes to practice.

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Here are five effective acupuncture points that you can practice at home using simple acupressure techniques to help you fall asleep faster and stay more deeply asleep.

Remember we’re all in this together and we’ll all support each other as we come out of it together!

Acupressure technique: 

Become aware of your breath. Inhale and exhale deeply as you press each point in turn. Use your thumbs or fingers to apply a firm but gentle pressure, move in a small circular or up-and-down motion for about 60 seconds to 2 minutes on each point. This entire sequence of points will take you around 10-15 minutes to complete. Remember to breath smoothly and close your eyes.

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Heart-7 Shen Men

Ht7 line

This is a great point for calming the mind in preparation for sleep. The point is used in the clinic to reduce anxiety as well. Feel for the small, hollow space in the area of your wrist. Its in line with your pinky on the palm side. It might feel a little nervy so be gentle. and apply gentle pressure in a circular or up-and-down movement. Make sure to do both wrists, one at a time.

Spleen-6 San Yin Jiao

Spleen-6 san yin jiao

This is an excellent point for sleep and other emotional problems. In addition to insomnia, this point helps with menstrual cramps and digestive distress. To find the point locate the highest point on your inner ankle. Count four finger widths up your leg, above your ankle. Apply deep pressure slightly behind your biggest lower-leg bone.

Don’t use this pressure point if you’re pregnant, as it is also used for inducing labor.

An Mian

An mian

This point actually translates to peaceful sleep. It is a common point for insomnia. It is also indicated for headaches, heart palpitations and emotional distress. To find this point, go to the back of your head at the base of the skull. Side your fingers out until you fall in a hole, then go half an inch farther and begin your massage there. This point will feel like

Tai Yang

Tai yang

This is an excellent point to calm the mind, relax facial and jaw tension, and reduce headaches. It is a great point to prepare yourself for bed. It can be used throughout the day if you’re feeling overwhelmed. The point is located right at the temples. The are can be tender so start slowly.

Kidney 3 Yong Quan

Kidney 3 yong quan

This point is often referred to as a grounding point. More on grounding later! But the idea is to help you feel stable and supported. This helps prepare us for sleeping soundly. The points name translates as bubbling spring. It is located on the sole of your foot. It’s the small depression that appears just above the middle of your foot when you curl your toes inward. The point is large and easy to find. It is not used often in the clinic as the skin is very sensitive to a needle but your fingers will feel great. Your partners fingers will feel even better!

Can Acupuncture Help Your Insomnia?

Acupuncture can help quiet your mind, decrease stress, and increase relaxation to help promote better sleep. It can also increase the natural release of melatonin in your body to improve your insomnia further.

We hope these points and ideas are helpful—see you soon!

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We hope these points and ideas are helpful!

please email us your feedback or if there is a specific protocol you’d liketo have posted.

We’re all in this together see you soon!

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