Achilles’ Tendon Pain

Last Updated on April 4, 2024

Achilles' tendon pain

The Achilles’ tendon is the thickest tendon in the body.  It connects the soleus and gastrocnemius, the two muscles of the calf, to the heel bone.  These muscles work together to plantar flex the foot.  Plantar flexion is the motion the foot makes when we hop.  

These muscles and the Achilles’ tendon impact our posture and positioning.  The muscle spindle fibers in this region send information to the spinal cord and central nervous system alerting the body to positional changes. These are essential to good posture, low back and hip health.  

The Achilles’ tendon takes a lot of strain and impact.  It is responsible for holding all of our weight all day long.  The tendon is susceptible to inflammation, strain and tearing.  When there is damage to the calf and the Achilles’ tendon it is important to properly heal the region completely.  Incomplete recovery of Achilles’ damage can lead directly to re-injury, back pain, or knee pain.  

Acupuncture helps the recovery time of a damaged Achilles tendon.  

  • Acupuncture reduces inflammation in the tissue by promoting blood circulation. The fresh blood brings immune cells responsible for cleaning up damaged tissues.

  • The connective tissue is reinforced by the fibroblasts that are brought into the area. Fibroblasts rebuild damaged tissue by laying down new cells.

  • Stimulation of the nervous system in this region promotes communication between the muscle spindle fibers in the tendons and the nerves traveling to the spinal cord. This helps the body improve postural alignment and prevents re-injury of the tendon in the future.

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