4 Recipes To Replenish Your Electrolytes Naturally!

Last Updated on April 4, 2024

All of these juices can be easily made at home. The ingredients are designed to restore the electrolytes we lose during vigorous exercise. These juices are all natural. They contain none of the chemical additives, refined sugars or artificial colors and flavors found in commercial sport drinks.

Replenish your electrolytes naturally

Celery, Apple & Lemon Juice – Celery provides several of the important electrolytes; sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and phosphorus.  The apple provides more potassium to help prevent cramping and naturally sweetens the juice. All citrus fruits contain electrolytes and lemon also alkalizes the body.  Try using three stalks of celery, one apple and squeeze one whole, juicy lemon into the apple celery juice.

Banana, Almond & Kale Smoothie – Both Almonds and bananas are a great source of potassium and magnesium which help the body retain water and hydration.  They also help prevent cramping and aid in the proper function of muscles.  Most store bought almond milks contain sea salt, which also aids in hydration.  Kale is a good source of potassium and also contains high levels of calcium which aids in proper muscle contraction.  Simply blend one to three leaves of kale, with the spines removed, one banana and enough almond milk to create a full glass of smoothie-about one cup.

Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Baking Soda & Maple Syrup – This is a concoction for the serious athlete looking to replenish lots of electroytes or get an extra boost before workouts.  The baking soda provides sodium bicarbonate to the body which reduces acidity and helps muscles recover quickly.  The natural sea salt helps maintain hydration, while the maple syrup improves the flavor and provides glucose fuel for the body.  Stir 1/2 tsp of sea salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp of maple syrup and the juice from one lemon into a cup of water.

Coconut Water & Chia Seeds – Coconut water has lots of electrolytes including potassium. The water also helps maintain hydration and prevent cramping. Coconut water is sweet but has only small amounts of naturally occurring sugar. Chia seeds are becoming popular with endurance athletes. The seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. They are light and easily digested which makes them an excellent source of energy during workouts.

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